5 Tips for Managing Your Customer Data

No matter how wonderful your products are, you can’t simply open your eCommerce store and hope for the best. Today’s advanced technology lets you gather data that identifies and targets customers with amazing precision and accuracy. Our fulfillment company experts offer five valuable tips for efficient management of customer data.

1. Collect the right data.

Just as a handyman needs to select the proper tool for the job, you should make sure you’re collecting data that’s specifically useful to your goals. Use your KPIs as a road map to determine which information will help you attain them.

2. Protect your data.

Don’t risk the nightmare of having your data compromised by a hacker. Onsite dedicated servers are the preferred method of storage, but cloud storage has become more secure in recent years.

3. Use data wisely.

So you’ve collected all this data. Now what do you do with it? Review data on a regular basis and incorporate the information into well-defined benchmarks. Using data to create charts and other visual representations makes it easier to recognize patterns and trends.

4. Establish transparency with customers.

Digital shoppers have become increasingly wary of sharing data online. Gain trust by being upfront about policies governing collection, management, and use of data. Take the extra step of reviewing your policies with a lawyer to ensure compliance with any relevant regulations.

5. Allow customers to control their data.

With an estimated 83 percent of organizations experiencing at least one data breach, legislators are responding with changing laws regarding privacy of data. Letting customers control what data they do and don’t share is another way to establish trustworthiness.

Manage Data Safely with Our Fulfillment Company

At Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics, data protection is just as important as managing orders. Contact us to learn more.

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