5 Tips on hiring a Fulfillment Company for New eCommerce Business

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Partnering with the right fulfillment warehouse can be the difference between steadily growing your sales or floundering in place. Here are five questions to ask when evaluating a potential fulfillment company.

1. Do they provide speedy shipping?

Home delivery is part of the convenience of online shopping. Customers don’t want to wait for their purchases, and they’ve come to expect rapid shipment. Slow delivery times is one of the major reasons consumers switch to another eCommerce company.

2. Are they reliable?

Both you and your customers need to rely on the performance of your fulfillment company. Communication should be open and frequent across all channels, and the company should be providing you with comprehensive and accurate data regarding inventory, delivery times and other metrics.

3. Are they tech-forward?

With all the moving parts involved in the order fulfillment process, it’s nearly impossible to manage it manually. Sophisticated high-tech systems provide real-time data that enables you to respond promptly to any areas that need attention.

4. Are their services cost-effective?

Use of a fulfillment warehouse is a good way to consolidate expenses, but you still have to make it work within your budget. When evaluating costs, go past the initial charges to see if they have tiered pricing schedules, volume discounts and other ways to maximize your investment.

5. Are they scalable?

As your business grows, the last thing you want to do is start over with a different fulfillment company because your original choice can’t handle the increased workload. Look for a company that can accommodate seasonal fluctuations and long-term growth so you can develop a mutually beneficial partnership.

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The Ins and Outs of an eCommerce Fulfillment Company Part 2

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Now that you know the tasks that an eCommerce fulfillment company handles, it’s time to focus on how this is done. Companies can approach fulfillment in different ways, with the overall goal being to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently. From handling everything in house to working with a fulfillment warehouse, these are a few strategies companies might use.

Staying In House

This strategy involves keeping all fulfillment tasks in house rather than working with any third-party fulfillment companies. Businesses with a smaller volume might find this option suitable, especially if it helps them save money. However, companies with a large volume of orders might find in-house fulfillment a challenge.

Using Dropshipping

An eCommerce company that dropships can save money on startup costs. This option involves having orders sent to a manufacturer or supplier who handles picking, packing, and shipping. Companies who use dropshipping only pay for merchandise that customers purchase, which can keep costs down. However, they need to make sure the manufacturers or suppliers who handle picking, packing, and shipping are reliable and efficient to ensure customer satisfaction.

Using Third-Party Logistics

Third-party logistics (3PL) involves having another company handle all fulfillment tasks, as well as supply chain management. This includes storing inventory, shipping orders, receiving merchandise, and more. This option is a good choice for eCommerce companies that have a large volume of orders to fulfill. Using a 3PL company means that businesses don’t have to find their own space to store merchandise or worry about making sure orders are shipped promptly. Instead, they can focus on other aspects of their eCommerce business to help it succeed.

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The Ins and Outs of an eCommerce Fulfillment Company Part 1

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With a big increase in online sales, businesses are depending more and more on eCommerce fulfillment companies to handle their orders. From picking and packing to shipping and delivering merchandise, the fulfillment process is a large part of a store’s success. Find out more about what an eCommerce fulfillment company does and how it can help your business thrive.

What Does eCommerce Fulfillment Mean?

Fulfillment includes the processes involved in fulfilling customer orders, from picking items from warehouse shelves to delivering them to customers’ doors. Ecommerce fulfillment also includes packaging, inventory management, transportation logistics for delivery, and more.

eCommerce Fulfillment Procedures

Several procedures are involved the eCommerce fulfillment process, with the main goal being to ensure customer satisfaction. These procedures include all of the following:

  1. Managing inventory for eCommerce businesses involves ordering products and storing them to help ensure that companies have enough merchandise on hand to fulfill orders promptly.
  2. Storing products in a warehouse is a service many eCommerce businesses rely on fulfillment warehouses for as this allows the ecommerce company to focus on selling rather than inventory.
  3. Receiving orders for companies after acquiring customer orders; eCommerce fulfillment companies can process the orders and prepare them for shipping.
  4. Packaging products for shipping procedures involve getting products ready to ship to customers in protective packaging, branded packaging, or a combination of both.
  5. Shipping products to customers is one of the most important procedures in eCommerce fulfillment. Shipping products to customers as quickly as possible and minimizing delays helps ensure customer satisfaction.
  6. Handling returns involves handling products that customers return to businesses, such as preparing them for reshipment or resale.

If you need a dependable fulfillment company to help your business, contact Medallion Fulfillment and Logistics. Our solutions ensure that customers receive their purchased items as efficiently and quickly as possible.

5 Tips on How to Create Engaging Product Descriptions That Sell

Image of someone shopping on their phone.

When you’re looking for ways to increase business, focusing on product descriptions can pay off. It’s not enough to simply list the product name and its features. These descriptions should entice customers to learn more about your products and make a purchase. Combining effective product descriptions with other business-boosting steps, such as partnering with a fulfillment warehouse for faster processing and shipping, can help your online store thrive.

Zoom in On Your Targeted Audience

General product descriptions might seem like a good way to reach a wider audience. However, these generic descriptions aren’t likely to appeal to many buyers overall. Focus on your target audience for each product description instead. Doing this gives you a much higher chance of appealing to prospective buyers.

Go Big on Benefits

Customers want to know why they should buy your products or how your products might help them. Rather than including a list of technical features, focus on the benefits your products provide. These benefits can persuade customers to find out more about your products and consider purchasing them.

Don’t Skimp on Details

Descriptions that use general phrases to describe products aren’t doing much to grab customers’ attention. Include specific details about your products to help customers learn more about them.

Share Glowing Reviews

Including reviews in your product descriptions can show other customers how popular your products are. Share images or quotes from reviews in your descriptions.

Format Product Descriptions with Care

Good product descriptions don’t just involve using the right words. The way these descriptions are formatted can also make them more or less effective. Create product descriptions that are easy to read. Use bullet points, white space, high-quality images, and larger font sizes.

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Store Branding Tips for eCommerce Owners

Hand Turning Word and Letter Blocks to Spell Out Brand.

Do you think branding is just for the big guys? No matter what the size of your eCommerce business, branding is the crucial element that will set you apart from your competitors. Our fulfillment warehouse staff shares some expert tips on the best ways to make branding work for you.

1. Be unique.

It can be tempting to “borrow” from companies who have been successful with branding, but that defeats the whole purpose. By all means, study and learn from branding giants such as Apple, Nike and Amazon, but focus on finding and promoting what makes your business special.

2. Create a memorable logo.

As soon as you see their iconic “swoosh,” you immediately think of Nike. A strong, visually striking logo communicates your story in a way that’s instantly recognizable.

3. Keep your branding consistent.

Remember the uproar when Coca-Cola changed their signature soft drink formula that had been in use for nearly a century? Consumers value reliability so they know what they’re getting for their money. Make sure your branding is consistent in all facets of your business.

4. Have a visible social media presence.

Gone are the days when consumers would simply open the Yellow Pages to find what they’re looking for. Today’s shoppers can see pictures of products, compare pricing and read reviews. When your company has a strong presence across social media channels, it raises your profile and projects a professional image.

5. Provide superior customer service.

Technology may rule, but no one likes getting stuck in an endless voice mail loop. Combine robust self-service options with responsive and efficient customer service.

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