5 Tips on How to Measure The Success of a Black Friday Sale

Fulfillment Company Team Looking Over Black Friday Analytics

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, creating and executing a marketing plan is only part of the job. The final step involves reviewing results and making necessary adjustments to improve going forward. Our fulfillment company staff shares five tips to use in measuring the success of your event.

1. Make sure you use the right sales tools.

Today, it’s easier than ever to capture accurate data reflecting all aspects of your eCommerce business. How familiar are you with these digital tools?

  • Google Analytics is the gold standard for tracking website traffic to reveal user behavior and conversions.
  • Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and other social media platforms have their own analytics programs to identify top-performing posts and determine levels of engagement.
  • Mailchimp and Sendinblue are valuable tools to assess email campaigns.

2. Compare average order values.

Ideally, customers will be motivated to spend more money during Black Friday. Compare the average order value, or AOV, of Black Friday sales to AOV over the rest of the year as well as last year’s Black Friday sales.

3. Determine customer acquisition cost and return on ad spend.

How productive are your advertising dollars? Take a look at customer acquisition cost (CAC) and return on ad spend (ROAS) to ensure that your budget is being optimized.

4. Review conversion rates.

Bounce rates and abandoned carts will give you insight into how effective your campaigns are in guiding people all the way through the sales funnel.

5. Study customer feedback.

Are customers leaving positive reviews? How many of them are return visitors? The more satisfied a customer is, the more likely they are to come back and recommend your shopfront to others.

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Tips for eCommerce Store Black Friday Promotions that Boost Sales

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Will you be giving thanks for a successful and profitable Black Friday in 2023? Our fulfillment warehouse staff shares easy and useful tips that will help create momentum to carry your eCommerce store through the holiday selling season.

1. Promote deeply discounted Black Friday deals.

Sales of 10 percent or 20 percent off are common enough during the rest of the year, but they won’t grab the attention of holiday shoppers. Strategically choose items to run for 40 to 50 percent off, or even buy-one-get-one free. Leverage bundling of these items to boost the average order value.

2. Segment your marketing campaigns.

Target these specific categories of shoppers, as identified by marketing automation platform Klaviyo:

  • Deal-hunters
  • Last-minute shoppers
  • VIPs
  • “Looky-loos”
  • Impulse buyers

In addition, come up with a special “sweetener” to entice people who haven’t bought or who came close to purchasing.

3. Prepare the infrastructure.

Everyone’s heard horror stories of eCommerce sites crashing because they can’t handle the surge in business. Install an uptime monitor program that will alert you to possible problems and minimize downtown. Don’t forget to check the loading time, which can be another factor causing a high bounce rate.

4. Optimize for mobile-first buying.

In 2022, mobile users accounted for nearly three-quarters of Black Friday sales for Shopify merchants. If you’re not already optimized for mobile shopping, there’s no more time to wait.

5. Streamline the checkout process.

Few things will kill an eCommerce sale faster than a cumbersome checkout procedure, especially with impulse shoppers. Features such as one-click buying, and dynamic checkout buttons remove the barriers to closing the sale.

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Five Tips on How to Create Engaging Product Descriptions That Sell

Happy businessman working on his laptop at home. Handsome businessman reading an email on his laptop at home. Freelance entrepreneur typing on his laptop at home. Virtual remote worker at home

When you’re looking for ways to increase business, focusing on product descriptions can pay off. It’s not enough to simply list the product name and its features. These descriptions should entice customers to learn more about your products and make a purchase. Combining effective product descriptions with other business-boosting steps, such as partnering with a fulfillment warehouse for faster processing and shipping, can help your online store thrive.

Zoom in On Your Targeted Audience

General product descriptions might seem like a good way to reach a wider audience. However, these generic descriptions aren’t likely to appeal to many buyers overall. Focus on your target audience for each product description instead. Doing this gives you a much higher chance of appealing to prospective buyers.

Go Big on Benefits

Customers want to know why they should buy your products or how your products might help them. Rather than including a list of technical features, focus on the benefits your products provide. These benefits can persuade customers to find out more about your products and consider purchasing them.

Don’t Skimp on Details

Descriptions that use general phrases to describe products aren’t doing much to grab customers’ attention. Include specific details about your products to help customers learn more about them.

Share Glowing Reviews

Including reviews in your product descriptions can show other customers how popular your products are. Share images or quotes from reviews in your descriptions.

Format Product Descriptions with Care

Good product descriptions don’t just involve using the right words. The way these descriptions are formatted can also make them more or less effective. Create product descriptions that are easy to read. Use bullet points, white space, high-quality images, and larger font sizes.

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Steps to Prep Your Business and Fulfillment Company for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023

Fulfillment Worker Getting Packages together for the Holiday Season of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, it’s important to make sure your business is ready. That involves ensuring you have plenty of products available and being able to guarantee fast and dependable shipping. A fulfillment warehouse or third-party logistics (3PL) provider can help your company prepare to handle these seasonal challenges. You can also take the following steps to get ready.

Create a Sales Plan

Coming up with a sales plan for the holiday season involves taking a look at how your sales have been in previous holiday seasons. You’ll also need to determine which products you want to promote, what kinds of deals you should offer, and how to spread the word about them.

Order Inventory Now

When you have your sales plan, it’s time to place orders for products. Make sure you’ll have plenty of inventory to pack and ship to customers. If you work with a 3PL or fulfillment company, order now to ensure that they receive these items ahead of the holiday season. This helps reduce the risk of running out of stock or being low on inventory, which can send customers elsewhere to shop.

Focus on Prompt Fulfillment

After stocking up on inventory, your next focus should be ensuring that orders are fulfilled as soon as possible. This includes having items picked, packed, shipped, and delivered in a short timeframe. A 3PL or fulfillment company can handle this for you, so you can focus on marketing or other aspects of your business. These companies can often have items shipped as quickly as possible and at lower costs.

If you need a fulfillment warehouse as part of your holiday season preparations, contact Medallion Fulfillment and Logistics. Partnering with us can help ensure that your business is fully ready for this busy time of year.

5 Last Minute Black Friday Marketing Strategies from Your Fulfillment Warehouse

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Flash Sale Sign from a Fulfillment Warehouse for eCommerce Customers

Are you ready for Black Friday? It may be just the kick-off of the holiday shopping season, but a successful jump start can position your eCommerce business for a profitable finish to the retail year. Our fulfillment warehouse experts offer five helpful tips to drive shoppers to your virtual storefront.

1. Leverage social media for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals.

When customers are already online, it’s easier to draw them to your digital store. Use your social media channels to promote new merchandise and spread the word about sales and other promotions. Incorporate eye-catching visuals and interactive opportunities, such as post-sharing and hashtag campaigns, to keep visitors engaged.

2. Offer free shipping.

You may already be offering free shipping based on specific purchasing levels, but the holidays are the time to open this perk up to all sales. Studies show that free shipping triggers a purchase for nearly three-quarters of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers.

3. Conduct flash sales.

Fear of missing out, popularly known as FOMO, is a powerful psychological factor. Create a sense of urgency by running flash sales that expire after a limited time period. Research has found that flash sales are a great way to increase email click-through rates and boost transaction rates.

4. Create bundles.

Even with the convenience of online shopping, people are always looking to save time. Make gift shopping easier by creating bundles that allow customers to clear several spots on their gift list in one place.

5. Curate a gift guide.

Wading through the digital marketplace can be overwhelming. Put together a gift guide featuring selected products that meet parameters such as interests, budgets and features.

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