Why Choose Medallion for Your Fulfillment Warehouse

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Partnering with a fulfillment warehouse can help your company operate more efficiently and attract more business. How can you make sure you find a dependable company that offers these services? Medallion Fulfillment and Logistics has built a strong reputation for providing outstanding services for customers throughout the U.S. Learn more about what we have to offer your company.

Coast-to-Coast Coverage

Our company offers fulfillment and logistics services to companies in all parts of the U.S., as well as Canada. Whether you have a local business or a large company with multiple locations, we have the solutions needed to help you succeed.

Customized Fulfillment Solutions

At Medallion Fulfillment and Logistics, we understand that each company has its own particular needs. That’s why we offer customized solutions. If your company needs all or most of our services, we can arrange that. If your business only needs a few specific services, we can accommodate you. Our team can help you determine which services best suit your business.

Wide Range of Fulfillment Services

We offer several fulfillment services that help companies thrive. Our team can handle credit card, online order processing, and telephone order processing. We’re also able to manage your inventory, take care of picking and packing, and handle shipping. Our other services include warehousing products, customer return processing, and integrating with many shopping cart platforms.

B2B and B2C Shipping Services

Our company offers business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), and less than truckload (LTL) services for more efficient, cost-effective shipping. We use common carrier services to ship palettes or large containers to any location in the U.S. or the world.

If you need additional information on our fulfillment warehouse services, please contact Medallion Fulfillment and Logistics. We can help you decide on a fulfillment solution that’s ideal for your business.

Starting Your Own Online eCommerce Business Part 1

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As more customers shop online instead of in stores, opening an eCommerce online store can be a lucrative idea. Opening this kind of business might seem simple compared to opening a brick-and-mortar shop. However, it’s important to make sure your online store is fully ready. From coming up with a business concept to partnering with a fulfillment warehouse, keep the following guide in mind for opening an online store.

Choose a Business Concept

What kinds of products are you planning on selling? Some online stores sell a variety of products, while others specialize in certain items only. Think of the types of products you’re interested in selling to the public.

Check Out the Competition

Before diving into eCommerce, it’s important to be familiar with your competition. Do research on other businesses that sell similar products as your store. Look at how much they charge for their items and what kinds of discounts and specials they offer.

Write a Business Plan

Your business plan gives you a road map to refer to as you work on getting your online business up and running. This plan should include an executive summary, market analysis, company description, mission, and product information.

Decide on a Business Structure

The structure of your online store affects taxes and other financial aspects of your business. Explore the pros and cons of different structures, such as limited liability partnerships (LLPs), corporations, and limited liability companies (LLCs).

Take Care of Registration and Licenses

When you have a store name and decide on a structure, it’s time to register your business. You’ll also need to obtain any licenses and permits your company needs for legal purposes.

Looking to team up with a fulfillment warehouse for your online business? Contact Medallion Fulfillment and Logistics for more information on our services.

Back to the Basics: How to Start Your eCommerce Store in 2023

Fulfillment Warehouse Picking Packages

As more consumers turn to online shopping, having an eCommerce store can be a lucrative business. From selecting an eCommerce platform to choosing a fulfillment warehouse, there’s a lot to keep in mind when running an online store. The following tips can help you get your eCommerce store up and running smoothly.

Find the Right Platform

Third-party marketplaces and online store builders are the main kinds of online platforms to choose from. You’ll have greater customization abilities with an online store builder, while third-party marketplaces have limited customization. Choose a platform that provides the right amount of customization for your online store, as well as dependability.

Think About User Experience

Consumers often use more than one device to shop for products. Consider user experience on different types of devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, when designing or setting up your website, mobile app, social media accounts, and other channels. For example, your website should be optimized for mobile devices, so consumers can easily read text and view images on smaller screens.

Make the Checkout Process Simple

When running an online store, beware of abandoned shopping carts. This happens when customers place items in their online cart, but never complete the purchase. Making the checkout process as fast and easy as possible for customers can help reduce the risk of having abandoned carts.

Fulfill Orders Efficiently

Getting orders fulfilled and shipped to customers on time is highly important for eCommerce success. Finding a fulfillment warehouse to partner with for this purpose is a smart way to make sure that your customers receive their orders promptly.

If your 2023 plans include starting an eCommerce store, please contact Medallion Fulfillment and Logistics. Our fulfillment warehouse can help ensure that your online store is able to quickly fulfill orders.

Five Tips for Planning Your eCommerce Promotions for 2023

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Now is the ideal time to start planning your business goals for 2023. Whether you’re interested in improving your online store’s performance by partnering with a fulfillment warehouse or looking for ways to boost business, the following tips can help you plan your eCommerce promotions for this year.

Customer Loyalty

Focusing on customer loyalty helps ensure repeat business for your eCommerce store. Loyal customers can also bring more business to your store by telling others about what you have to offer. Consider starting a rewards program, sending out newsletters, or taking other steps to encourage customer loyalty.

Specific Incentives

Come up with specific incentives for your customers based on their shopping habits and interests. Using customer analytics can help you discover this information. Offering incentives targeted toward your customer base can help you improve your chance of running successful promotions in the new year.


Staying engaged with customers through social media and email can help you spread the word about upcoming promotions for 2023. Set up email and social media campaigns that focus on letting customers know about promotions ahead of time and reminding them just before they start.


Offering two or more items at a discount or promotional rate can encourage customers to purchase from your store more often. Cross-selling can also help your customers learn more about different kinds of items your online store offers.


Customizing promotions for smaller groups of customers, also known as micro-targeting, can help boost business for your online store. Examining data about your customers can help you determine which groups to target and what kinds of promotions to offer.

Your #1 Solution for East and West Coast Fulfillment Services

The shopping holiday crunch may be over, but your need for effective fulfillment services doesn’t end. Medallion’s comprehensive programs are specifically designed to accommodate the ebbs and flows of your particular company.

Consider our robust Amazon replenishment warehousing services meet Amazon’s standards at a more cost-effective price.

If you’re looking for a fulfillment warehouse that offers reliable service, please contact Medallion Enterprises. We also offer a wide selection of services to help your online business grow.

ECommerce Growth Projections for 2023 to 2026 – What’s in Store

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As you adjust your business goals for the new year, knowing what to expect can help. The Global eCommerce Sales Growth Report through 2026 shows promising trends for online businesses. Keep the following news in mind when writing your goals for 2023.

Increased Online Sales

Experts are expecting online sales to increase every year from now until 2026. For 2023, global eCommerce sales are projected to hit $6.3 trillion. Sales are expected to increase to $6.9 trillion in 2024, $7.5 trillion in 2025, and $8.1 trillion in 2026. The increase of nearly $2 trillion over the next few years is a result of more and more people turning to online stores rather than brick-and-mortar businesses.

Traditional Retail Sales vs. eCommerce Retail Sales

Online retail sales are continuing to take up a larger share of all retail sales on a global scale. As of 2022, online sales accounted for 19.7 percent of retail sales. This is expected to increase to 24 percent by 2026. With online sales making up nearly a quarter of all sales within a few years, it’s important for eCommerce business owners to make sure they’re prepared.

Boosting Your Online Business

The latest projections for global eCommerce sales mean that it’s time to make adjustments to your own business. This can help you take advantage of the increase in online purchases in order to help your company grow. With more consumers being comfortable shopping on mobile devices, make sure your online store has processes in place to provide secure transactions. Partnering with a fulfillment warehouse might also be a smart move to make, since this ensures that customers are able to get their orders on time.

If you’re looking for a dependable fulfillment warehouse to partner with your business, contact Medallion Fulfillment and Logistics.