Our Predictions for eCommerce Businesses for 2023

What does our crystal ball reveal about the direction of eCommerce business in 2023? Our fulfillment warehouse staff shares predictions for what you are likely to see during the upcoming year.

1. Online shopping continues to grow.

Yes, eCommerce is here to stay. Projections call for an increase of 12.2 percent in global sales for 2023. More good news? Experts anticipate that 2021 sales will more than double by 2026. Higher levels of consumer comfort and trust appear to be driving this trend.

2. Mobile shopping is also on the rise.

Thanks to smart phones and tablets, technology is as close as your pocket or purse. Keeping pace with overall eCommerce sales, purchases via mobile devices are anticipated to more than double by 2026, when they would total nearly 44 percent of all online sales.

3. Young consumers lead the way.

Does your marketing plan appeal to younger generations? While shoppers of all ages increasingly use eCommerce, the growth is much greater for consumers aged 25-40. Surveys indicate that approximately 80 percent of this demographic does the majority of their shopping online.

4. Social media is more deeply integrated in eCommerce.

With the debut of Facebook’s Buy button and Instagram checkout, the social media sales funnel becomes more streamlined. TikTok is also jumping into the game, testing Shopping Ads for both video content and live streams.

5. Online stores turn to visual commerce.

The main drawback to eCommerce is its two-dimensional form. Visual commerce aims to neutralize that aspect through the use of more dynamic visuals, including consumer-generated media, interactive content and augmented reality.

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