Forbes Projects Top Impacts in eCommerce for 2023

Just as with brick-and-mortar stores, running a successful eCommerce storefront means staying ahead of the curve on customer behaviors and preferences. Team up with our fulfillment warehouse to incorporate these anticipated trends for 2023 in your business plan.

1. Customers will continue to seek a personalized experience.

With eCommerce taking place in a virtual marketplace, creating a personalized experience for your customers can be the edge that puts you above the competition. Possible applications include:

  • Offering customized deals
  • Sharing helpful information about recommended products or ones that have already been purchased.
  • Creating targeted video content

2. There will be a greater focus on sustainability.

Environmental awareness has become a fact of life. As a result, consumers seek sustainability in both products and packaging. Go one step further by ensuring that your website is designed to operate with maximum efficiency to reduce the drain on resources.

3. Chatbots are here to stay.

Customers have become more comfortable with the use of chatbots. This will only increase as chatbots become more sophisticated. In fact, chances are good that chatbots will become the accepted form of customer service, rather than the exception.

4. Data protection becomes an even higher priority.

In terms of gathering customer information, it’s a fine line between being helpful and being annoyingly intrusive. eCommerce operators are giving more thought to exactly what personal data they need to collect as well as what point they need to ask for it.

5. Mobile shopping remains the preferred method.

If your site is still not optimized for mobile use, what are you waiting for? Nearly 75 percent of eCommerce sales take place via smart phone or tablet.

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