Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Fulfillment Partner

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As your business grows, you might find it more difficult to process and ship orders as quickly as possible. These delays can end up costing you in terms of customer satisfaction. Working with a fulfillment company can help ensure that your business continues to grow and succeed. This type of company can help your business in the following ways.

No Space Restrictions

Finding enough space to store inventory can be tough to do, especially when you have a limited amount of room. A fulfillment partner provides the space needed for your inventory, so you don’t have to take up any valuable room in your company or rent warehouse space.

Better Inventory Management

Running a successful business involves keeping close track of your inventory at all times. This can be a challenge, especially if you rely on manual methods. Fulfillment businesses can handle inventory management for you, so you’ll always be up-to-date.

Order Picking and Packing

Spending time picking the right products from your inventory to fulfill orders, then packing them up for shipment takes significant time and effort. The busier your company gets, the less time you’ll have to handle these tasks promptly. A fulfillment service can take care of these tasks for you.

Lower Costs

Working with a fulfillment business can help you reduce the amount of money your company spends on shipping, packaging material, and labor. This means you can increase your budget for other areas of your business, such as marketing.

Streamlined Process

Having a fulfillment business handle processing orders, picking and packing, and shipping leads to a more efficient, streamlined process. This results in happier customers and more business.

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How a Fulfillment Center Can Help Your Business

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Handling all of the logistics involved with running a store can be time-consuming and costly for business owners. Partnering with a fulfillment warehouse can help store owners ensure that all customer orders are promptly processed, picked, and shipped. These warehouses provide the following benefits for store owners.

Reduced Costs

From packaging materials to shipping costs, business owners spend considerable money on fulfilling orders, Fulfillment warehouses offer greater leverage that can help companies reduce these costs. Since these warehouses typically handle the fulfillment process for a large number of businesses, they’re in a better position to get more competitive pricing from packaging supply vendors and shipping carriers. These savings help businesses cut down on packaging and shipping costs.

Logistics Expertise

Fulfillment warehouses specialize in handling the logistics involved with fulfilling customer orders. These warehouses can process orders, manage inventory, pack orders, and ship them out. Business owners can focus on other aspects of operating their store and leave logistics to the experts.

Improved Efficiency

Fulfillment warehouses can step in and take over when store owners have trouble keeping up with fulfilling orders. From processing orders to shipping them directly to customers, this results in better efficiency that helps boost customer satisfaction. Working with fulfillment warehouses also means that business owners don’t have to manage their own warehouse in addition to handling other business tasks.

Faster Shipping Times

Some fulfillment warehouses have multiple locations. Depending on where these locations are, these warehouses might be able to reduce shipping time to customers. Faster shipping times can give businesses a competitive edge, while also saving money on shipping costs.

If you are exploring options for a fulfillment warehouse, please contact Medallion Fulfillment and Logistics. We offer dependable fulfillment services to help your business improve efficiency and save money.

Starting Your Own Online eCommerce Business Part 2

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So you’re ready to start your own online eCommerce business? Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can just set up a website, choose a fulfillment company and go.

In many important ways, an online business is just like a brick-and-mortar business. Here are some major considerations that should be on your start-up checklist.

1. Determine your overall business concept.

“Selling products” may be your ultimate goal, but it’s not a viable business concept. With all the competition you’ll be facing, you need to figure out where you can offer something different. Having a solid business concept will also provide focus for easier decision-making.

2. Create a business plan.

Once you have a concept, you can start planning how you will achieve it. Think of a business plan as a blueprint for the structure of your business. Include elements such as:

3. Choose a business structure.

Limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLP), sole proprietorship or corporation? Each one has different specific implications for your personal assets, tax liabilities and company operations. If you’re not sure, seek professional advice.

4. Obtain the necessary licenses.

  • Research your business name to make sure it’s not the same as another registered business in your county or state. Also, decide whether you’ll be using a DBA, or “doing business as.”
  • Register your company with the appropriate business agency in your state. Once that’s done, you can apply to the IRS for an employer identification number (EIN).

A Fulfillment Company That Works for You

With all the business hats you have to wear, wouldn’t it be great to turn order fulfillment over to an experienced source? Family-owned Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics has been successfully providing fulfillment company services for decades. Contact us to learn more.

Starting Your Own Online eCommerce Business Part 1

eCommerce Business Concept

As more customers shop online instead of in stores, opening an eCommerce online store can be a lucrative idea. Opening this kind of business might seem simple compared to opening a brick-and-mortar shop. However, it’s important to make sure your online store is fully ready. From coming up with a business concept to partnering with a fulfillment warehouse, keep the following guide in mind for opening an online store.

Choose a Business Concept

What kinds of products are you planning on selling? Some online stores sell a variety of products, while others specialize in certain items only. Think of the types of products you’re interested in selling to the public.

Check Out the Competition

Before diving into eCommerce, it’s important to be familiar with your competition. Do research on other businesses that sell similar products as your store. Look at how much they charge for their items and what kinds of discounts and specials they offer.

Write a Business Plan

Your business plan gives you a road map to refer to as you work on getting your online business up and running. This plan should include an executive summary, market analysis, company description, mission, and product information.

Decide on a Business Structure

The structure of your online store affects taxes and other financial aspects of your business. Explore the pros and cons of different structures, such as limited liability partnerships (LLPs), corporations, and limited liability companies (LLCs).

Take Care of Registration and Licenses

When you have a store name and decide on a structure, it’s time to register your business. You’ll also need to obtain any licenses and permits your company needs for legal purposes.

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Five Essential Benefits of a 3PL Warehouse for Your Small Business

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When you are trying to grow your small business, handling all of the tasks involved in your supply chain can be challenging and time-consuming. The use of third-party logistics (3PL), such as a fulfillment warehouse, can take these tasks off your hands, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Using 3PL warehouse solutions offers the following benefits for small businesses.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Using a 3PL warehouse means your customers can receive their packages on time. This helps your business build a reputation for being reliable. Timely package shipping and deliveries result in customers who are more satisfied with your business.

Reduced Costs

A 3PL warehouse solution can help your small business save on operating costs and other expenses. Using this type of service means you will not have to spend money on renting a warehouse, transporting goods, and handling other logistics tasks on your own.

Expanded Markets

Using a 3PL warehouse can make it easier and more cost-effective for your business to expand into new markets. You will have greater access to other markets, while saving money on the cost of managing inventory in these markets.

Increased Scalability

When you use 3PL solutions, you will have the adjust the use of supply chain resources based on how busy your business currently is. This scalability helps reduce waste when business is slow or quickly meet customer needs when business picks up.

Knowledge and Expertise

Relying on a 3PL warehouse to handle your fulfillment needs means you can depend on their expertise and guidance. They can help you expand into new markets, including overseas markets, while ensuring compliance with international regulations.

If you need a dependable fulfillment warehouse to help your business grow, please contact Medallion Fulfillment and Logistics to learn more about our services.