Be Prepared, Know the Coming Impacts in 2023 for Social Commerce

Social media has become an indispensable part of marketing plans for eCommerce and other businesses. Stay ahead of the competition by incorporating the latest trends for 2023, as shared by our fulfillment warehouse staff.

What’s New in Social Commerce for 2023

1. Social media platforms move to decentralized networks.

As consumers become savvier about differentiating fact from fake news, they’re demanding a greater measure of transparency. In response, many companies are turning to decentralized networks built on the blockchain, offering protection from censorship and greater safety for user data.

2. The metaverse continues to grow.

The metaverse may seem like something out of science fiction, and components of the technology originated in the video game industry. In the metaverse, social connections link a network of 3D virtual worlds. Facebook has been renamed Meta Platforms to reflect their commitment to developing a metaverse, while Microsoft incorporated virtual avatars and virtual reality meetings in their Teams app.

3. More companies will use predictive analytics.

While predictive analytics per se are not new, studies show that less than 50 percent of marketers have access to these capabilities. Frustrated with the limitations of manual data analysis, nearly two-thirds of marketing teams are planning to implement predictive analytics in the upcoming year.

4. Cookies are on the way out … eventually.

With people more concerned about online privacy, companies are beginning to migrate to closed-loop ecosystems. Unfortunately, it looks to be a long and painful process, as many brands will be forced to continue reliance on third-party cookies during the interim.

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