Five Tips for Planning Your eCommerce Promotions for 2023

Planning Holiday Sales

This time of year is the ideal opportunity to start planning your business goals for 2023. Whether you’re interested in improving your online store’s performance by partnering with a fulfillment warehouse or looking for ways to boost business, the following tips can help you plan your eCommerce promotions for next year.

Customer Loyalty

Focusing on customer loyalty helps ensure repeat business for your eCommerce store. Loyal customers can also bring more business to your store by telling others about what you have to offer. Consider starting a rewards program, sending out newsletters, or taking other steps to encourage customer loyalty.

Specific Incentives

Come up with specific incentives for your customers based on their shopping habits and interests. Using customer analytics can help you discover this information. Offering incentives targeted toward your customer base can help you improve your chance of running successful promotions in the new year.


Staying engaged with customers through social media and email can help you spread the word about upcoming promotions for 2023. Set up email and social media campaigns that focus on letting customers know about promotions ahead of time and reminding them just before they start.


Offering two or more items at a discount or promotional rate can encourage customers to purchase from your store more often. Cross-selling can also help your customers learn more about different kinds of items your online store offers.


Customizing promotions for smaller groups of customers, also known as micro-targeting, can help boost business for your online store. Examining data about your customers can help you determine which groups to target and what kinds of promotions to offer.

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Christmas and New Year’s Hours

Holiday table setting

The holidays are here! We wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your business and to share with you our holiday hours for Christmas and New Year’s.

Medallion and Sprocket Express’ 2022-2023 December and January Closures

Our holiday season hours are as follows:

Christmas: Closed Monday December 26th

New Year’s Eve: Monday January 2nd

Thank you again for allowing us to be your warehouse and fulfillment partner.

Maximize Your Sales with Simple and Smart Tips

Young woman preparing boxes to ship

In the history of retail shopping, Ecommerce is a relatively recent development. But when it comes to the holiday season, you can incorporate many of the tried-and-true methods of brick-and-mortar shops to boost sales. Our fulfillment warehouse team shares some of the top tips for maximizing holiday sales.

1. Stock up on inventory.

This one is fairly obvious. You can’t sell what you don’t have, and with a limited selling window, you won’t recapture those missed sales. Plan carefully, making use of historical data and current inventory figures for an accurate forecast that covers demand with no overstock.

2. Step up your customer service.

Customers shopping for gifts often require more attention than usual. They’re looking for answers to questions such as:

  • What is your delivery time?
  • What is your return/exchange policy?

reliable fulfillment warehouse partner can make all the difference here by ensuring smooth order processing and consistent on-time delivery.

3. Shore up your infrastructure.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of websites crashing because they were unprepared for a higher volume of demand. Make sure your hosting service can provide disk space and bandwidth sufficient to handle the increased traffic. You may want to consider switching to a dedicated server.

4. Streamline the checkout process.

Online shoppers may not have to endure lengthy checkout lines, but they’ll experience the same frustration if your checkout process is cumbersome. Here are some ways you can make it easier:

  • Keep the number of mandatory fields to a minimum. Use auto-filling and data entry verification wherever possible.
  • Allow guest checkout to avoid turning away new customers.
  • Beef up fraud protection for everyone’s safety.

With more than 35 years in business, Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics has extensive experience handling all the ups and downs of the holiday season. Contact us for more information.

Thanksgiving and December Holiday Hours

Close-up of African American man carving roasted Thanksgiving turkey.

Medallion and Sprocket Express’ 2022-2023 Holiday Season Closures

Our holiday season hours are as follows:

Thanksgiving: Closed Thursday and Friday November 24th and 25th

Christmas: Closed Monday December 26th

New Year’s Eve: Monday January 2nd

Thank you again for allowing us to be your warehouse and fulfillment partner.

Sell More This Holiday with Our Five Tips

How to Motivate Your Sales Staff

With the holidays coming up, consumers will begin shopping for gifts soon. This season tends to be a busy one overall for online shopping, but how can you make sure your eCommerce store is among the busiest? From partnering with a fulfillment warehouse to planning holiday promotions, these tips can help you sell more during the holidays.

Plan Holiday Promotions

If you haven’t already, start planning the kinds of promotions your store will run this holiday season. For example, you might offer limited-time coupon codes or a free item with each purchase. Promotions are a great way to entice customers to purchase from your online store.

Plan Your Inventory

Go through your inventory now to make sure you’ll have enough items stored to ship to customers. You might need to order larger quantities of best-selling items or stock up on other items, such as gift wrap.

Offer Additional Payment Options

More and more customers are using Apple Pay, PayPal, and other payment options besides credit cards. Making these payment options available for your store can encourage more customers to buy your goods.

Communicate Clearly with Customers

Make customer communication a top priority this holiday season. Give customers tracking information for each order, notify them about any shipping delays that occur, and provide clear shipping and return policies.

Team Up with a Fulfillment Warehouse

Customers want to be able to receive their orders as soon as possible. Partnering with a dependable fulfillment warehouse helps ensure that your business can have goods shipped to customers as quickly as possible while also keeping shipping costs down.

If you’re looking for a trusted fulfillment warehouse to partner with this holiday season, contact Medallion Fulfillment and Logistics for more information about our services.