We’ve Expanded to the East Coast

To serve you better, and help you be more competitive with Amazon, we have just finalized our purchase of a fulfillment warehouse in Boston, Massachusetts. We now have fulfillment warehouse facilities on the west coast and east coast!

Our acquisition was finalized on February 1st and we could not be more excited about the news.

How does our new facility acquisition impact you?

• You will get faster customer deliveries; allowing you to be more competitive.

• We utilize the same software at both locations for your ease of use. You now choose which warehouse (or both) where you will stock goods based on your needs.

• Our two locations may lower your shipping costs (dependent upon weight/dimensions of product) and improve efficiency.

• Amazon Prime Shipping will be now be supported from both warehouses.

• Our fees remain the same regardless of which warehouse you ship from.

Please give us a call to discuss how we help you increase your service level to your customers.