California Fulfillment Company in Los Angeles, California

West Coast and California businesses now have options for fulfillment services with our fulfillment warehouse located near the Port of Los Angeles.

A Flexible California Fulfillment Company

Our firm is an American success story and 3PL service provider. Starting out in the Kent family garage more than 40 years ago, Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics has grown into a national enterprise with East Coast and West Coast fulfillment warehouses. Still a family enterprise, Medallion continues to innovate and grow while holding tight to its focus on exceptional customer service and responsiveness to clients and customers.

With over 40 years of fulfillment experience, Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics understands your business needs. With East Coast and West Coast warehouse facilities that operate using a common software (WMS) application, we make monitoring inventory, ordering, and shipping from the warehouse of your choice easy. Our two locations assure that shipping costs are low and delivery time to your customers is fast.

Our full service fulfillment company warehouse on the West Coast is located in northern Los Angeles. Our 3PL facility is less than 50 miles from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. With such close proximity to these important container ports, Medallion is well-suited to accepting your overseas container shipments and processing your merchandise for warehousing, order processing, pick and pack, and shipping.

LA Fulfillment Warehouse Details

We provide 3PL and fulfillment services for apparel, business to consumer merchandise, business to business products, for food products, consumer goods, and health and beauty aids.

Not only do we accept most merchandise at our Los Angeles fulfillment warehouse, but we also have a temperature controlled zone for inventory storage. In this zone, we have inventory storage space for chocolates, cosmetics, and other products that require special room temperature storage.

To protect your merchandise and our property, we have 24-hour alarmed security with alarm response connections to the police and fire departments, fire sprinklers, and cameras throughout our facility.

California Fulfillment Company Services

We offer 3PL services for business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), and less than truckload (LTL) shipping services. With our special common carrier services, we can easily move large fulfillment quantities in containers or on pallets anywhere in the nation or in the world for that matter.

Our uniqueness and flexibility give us the ability to help you to move your business into serving a growing consumer market.

Our Services Are Scalable to Fit Your Needs As You Grow

At Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics, we focus on YOU and helping your business GROW. We pride ourselves on providing superior custom-designed fulfillment outsourcing services tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

You can start with Amazon warehouse replenishment and easily move into fulfillment for your own web store. Not only can we warehouse your stock, but we have the capability to place stock reorders, monitor your inventory, handle customer questions, process customer returns, and process rebates, help to create promotional packaging. Find out more about our other services.

We consider ourselves an integral part of your business and strive to create a sense of partnership with our customers. We accommodate our customers' individual needs by conforming our services to fit YOUR business needs. We respond to our customers personally and so quickly you'll think we're located right down the hall!

Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics offers you maximum flexibility in selecting the level and kind of fulfillment services that meets your present needs and yet can grow when you do. We provide superb services at reasonable prices and have the expertise and capacity to assist small- to medium-sized businesses and startup companies as well as large businesses.

Advantages of Our California Fulfillment Warehouse

1. Great location with access to quick delivery for over 50+ million consumers.

2. Affordable pricing with scalable services to meet your unique and seasonal fulfillment needs.

3. Room temperature storage for heat-sensitive products.

4. Omni channel fulfillment services.

5. Secure fulfillment warehouse with fire sprinklers and alarmed response to police and fire departments.

6. Location in a close zone to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

7. Innovative inventory software (WMS) that shows your East and West Coast fulfillment warehouse inventory.

8. Our software (WMS) integrates with all major shopping cart interfaces plus most major retailers, and many 3rd party software (WMS) products.

Key Benefits of Using Medallion's California Fulfillment Warehouse

1. Affordable solutions. Pay for what you need now and add services as your business grows.

2. Leverage our investment in warehouse infrastructure and technology to save money – use our warehouse and software (WMS) while channeling your capital to marketing and growing your business.

3. Streamline your fulfillment operation by using Medallion to cover both the East and West Coasts. Pay only one fulfillment fee and keep stock at both of our warehouses in LA and Boston.

4. Save on shipping expenses by using Medallion's volume rate shipping rates.

5. Save money on Amazon selling by using our Amazon Fulfillment warehouse replenishment program. You'll pay significantly less for storage with us than at Amazon.

6. Improve the speed of shipping to your customers. With dedicated warehouse staff that pick and pack orders fast. We process and ship orders the same day they are received.

It is Easy to Get Started

Just complete our online form for a free quote or call us at (818) 998-8366 or call us toll free at (800) 260-8250 to chat with one of one of our management team members today. We'll make it easy to move your goods to our West Coast warehouse or split stock and move part to our East Coast warehouse.

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Full Service Flexible Fulfillment Services

California businesses need a full service fulfillment company partner that is located near the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. We offer scalable fulfillment services that is responsive and customer-focused.

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