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May 2013

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Our new warehouse location.Groupon, Daily Deal, and now Google Offers are all ways to promote your business and products getting wide exposure by offering discount prices. This newsletter talks about the new program called Google Offers and how it is unique and different.

Google Offers may be a program that you may well want to check out to get exposure and introduce your products to a new marketplace.

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Should You Consider Using the New Google Offers?

To understand if Google Offers is right for your business, compare it to the other locally optimized "deal" sites out there, like Groupon, Daily Deals. These sites have gained millions of followers -- but are they actually good for the businesses that advertise on them?

  • Big SaleIt's true, for instance, that a Groupon promotion can net tons of hits and even drive purchases, but 50 percent of that cut goes to Groupon. So unless your product or service reaches a critical mass, you may be undercutting your profits.

  • Companies that artificially inflate their "deal" prices to turn a Groupon profit are eventually found out, undermining their credibility.

  • If you are actively engaged in inbound marketing, a deal site may compromise your website's performance in drawing in new leads -- that's because the click-throughs are generated through the deal site, not your website.

  • Finally, a one-time deal often reflects the customer behavior going forward; that is, they stick around only for the deal and once that ends, so does your relationship.

Going with Google

The recently launched Google Offers delivers deals a slightly different way.

  • Credit CardLike Groupon, Google Offers lets you set up an account to run a promotion, but all the profit goes to you -- not to Google, at least for now.

  • Your agreement with Google Offers includes a minimum of 50 offers, which you can promote over the course of one month, three months or one year. This policy helps eliminate "fly by night" vendors or businesses that cannot support high volumes of purchase traffic.

  • The service is careful about what they approve for promotion; you must show that you're offering an actual deal and not an arbitrary percent-off figure based on inflating your regular price.

  • The site also monitors its promotions carefully, prohibiting deals for gambling establishments, sexually suggestive goods and services, fireworks and other items. (Groupon learned this lesson the hard way, after being flagged in 2011 for advertising cosmetic surgery services.)

One of the key advantages of Google Offers is, of course, that it's synced to Google, which means your promotion gets the boost of the world's most powerful search engine.

  • An ad posted in Google Offers includes a Google Places map of your business along with images of your product and service.  

  • Google also shows offers on their own Google Shopping app. Encouraging smartphone users to find and buy your product or service either online or in a store.

  • Google will feature your offer on its site, email and mobile apps for greater reach.

Is It for You?

Google Offers could aid your small business if you have the product or service to support a multi-part promotion. To learn more about how the service works, you'll want to visit the Google Offers website to learn more.

About the Writer Jan Stewart

Jan Stewart is a professional writer for Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics, a family owned Los Angeles based fulfillment firm. She writes exclusively for Strategies for Success on topics of business tips, how to promote your business online, and establishing your brand in the marketplace.



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