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Fire Yesterday Near Our Chatsworth, California Warehouse

11-3-10 Chatsworth Fire.Just yesterday evening, several buildings down from our own warehouse location, a printing plant had a very serious and damaging fire. You can read the full news media article and see photos online here. The fire has destroyed the entire building. We were informed early of the blaze and took quick action to protect your merchandise investment.

We're Watching Your Back!

Even though the fire was after hours, we called back in our entire personnel force. We immediately called in a professional fire restoration company to assist us in protecting your goods from smoke damage. Commercial fans were brought in to keep smoke out of our property. All soft goods including clothing, foods, and any sensitive products were encased in plastic.

We carefully monitored the blaze in order to take prompt action if needed. We even had trucks on standby to transport all your merchandise to an alternative warehouse location in case this serious fire spread to our building. Our entire team worked tirelessly through the night to protect your merchandise from smoke damage.

We just wanted you to know that with our exceptional team's care and concern, your merchandise has not received any smoke damaged, orders are being taken by phone, and shipments are being processed on time today. This special concern and attention to taking care of business for you is just one of our service hallmarks and what sets us apart from our competition.

Rest assured your merchandise and paperwork are in good hands when you work with Medallion!

Best Regards,
Gene Kent
President, Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics

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