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Medallion Announces New Receiving Department & Policies

We are pleased to announce our new receiving department and receiving policy changes that are taking place effective Monday, January 21, 2007.

As our client base has increased we have found it necessary to separate the duties from our receiving tasks and the pick & pack duties. Previously, we have utilized staff, in both areas and, quite frankly, sometimes we failed in receiving our clients' product into our system in a timely manner.

To remedy this we have now established a Receiving Department and we will staff it with personnel that will dedicate all of their efforts on this function. We expect the standardized receiving to result in your product being received, verified, placed in bin locations, entered into order system, backorders released, and notification of receiving detail sent to you in a timely and consistent manner.

Click here to view and download your copy of the new Receiving & Returns Policy document (PDF). Please print it out and keep it for future reference. Please note that there are some formalized time frames and methods to communicate with us for you to follow. We have also set the time frames for normal routine receiving and returns processing. Sometimes our clients request priority processing of receiving due to late shipments by their vendors. There are procedures set up to allow that to happen as well.

If you have any questions, please make sure to phone so that we can clarify any items in this new procedure document.

Thank you and we appreciate you being a client of our company.

The Medallion Team

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