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Meet Our New Bookkeeper

We have a new bookkeeper, and her name is Carolin Eiliya.Carolin Eiliya has joined our staff and will be handling the bookkeeping duties.

Carolin has several years of experience assisting companies, such as ours, with their accounting and financial needs. She will be taking on the responsibility of getting out timely invoices to our clients and to follow-up on other matters i.e. insurance coverage, past due accounts, UPS claims and other tasks.

She is committed to bringing our invoicing current and insuring that invoices are sent to our clients soon after the close of the fiscal period. She will be working with each client to develop billing arrangements and payment terms that work for both you and Medallion Enterprises. In some instances, we will be moving from a monthly to either a weekly or bi-weekly billing cycle. We will also start handling as much of the billing as possible via email invoices.

We currently have ability to accept ACH payments and Carolin can assist you getting that set up. There is no extra fee for this service.

Carolin can be reached at or through our main telephone number at (818)998-8366.

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