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August 2007

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The Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics office building.I would like to personally welcome you to our first e-newsletter. We plan on sending out interesting articles, tips, and information on a monthly basis to keep you informed and up-to-date.

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We Invite You to Visit Our New Website

Screen shot of the new Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics website.We've just finished and launched our new website. Not only have we completely revamped our design, but we have added a wealth of new information on the site that will help you understand more about our business, things we do, people who are an integral part of our team, and other services that we perform that you may not have known about.

The navigation is intuitive and the site even includes a special site search feature to make it extra easy for you to find what you are looking for fast.

In the next several weeks to a month, we will be integrating new online client management tools. New custom programming applications that will allow you to monitor your business online, place orders, find out shipping and receiving information as we enter it into our system. Stay informed about these new applications as they become available by reading our e-newsletter. We'll give you full instructions on how to use these great new applications that will make working with Medallion a snap. Visit our new website now!



Case Study: Quick Thinking, Fast Action and Superior Service Save the Day

Helping you when you get in a tough spot is something we do best!It's usually a simple job. Pick and pack two pallets for a customer and ship them to a trade show in England. Then we got the phone call. The only thing that arrived in London was the paperwork. No pallets and the trade show just 2 days away. Fortunately, Medallion's procedure of monitoring shipments 24/7 alerted us to the problem in time.

Medallion revved into high gear. We had less than 24 hours to repack the order, ship it overseas and deliver it to the trade show. Greg Kent, our VP Operations, was already on the phone with our UPS rep. At the warehouse we were already packing a new order. Our office staff was online booking Greg a flight to London just in case. And, of course, we were on the phone with our customer who was panicking.

Medallion took the bull by the horns. Greg worked frantically with our UPS rep in LA and UPS' international division to arrange specialized hands-on service both here and in London. We loaded the pallets onto a special UPS truck which dashed to the airport. Our customer's merchandise was on the next flight out. On touchdown in London, UPS loaded the product onto a waiting truck and whisked it to the trade show. Monitoring the shipment by phone around the clock, Greg made an elated call to our customer reporting the successful delivery.

Mission accomplished. Disaster avoided. Customer happy. A good day at Medallion.

Medallion's ability to turn a potential disaster into another success was no accident. Because we monitor our customers' shipments 24/7, Medallion was alerted to the problem and had time to correct it. Because Medallion maintains excellent relations with our carriers, UPS came through for us, even though they were not our customer's original carrier and were not responsible for the problem. Because Medallion's staff is dedicated to our customers' success, we were able to work around the clock to solve our customer's problem. At Medallion, we pride ourselves on providing customer service that is second to none - just ask our customers!

In case you're curious, our customer's original carrier found those two pallets two weeks later. An airline employee had processed the paperwork but erroneously moved the actual merchandise to the inbound freight holding area. It never would have made it to London!



Did You Know... We're Much More Than a Fulfillment House?

Medallion provides a wide range of services for fulfillment and warehousing.We offer more than just order processing, warehousing, pick & pack, and shipping, in fact much more! Find out about the new services that we are offering that you may not have known about.

Here are just a few new services that you probably don't know about...

CDs Small Quantity Duplication: We have the equipment to provide small quantity CD and DVD duplication services. Why order a truckload? With our services, you can order just a month or a few weeks ahead and we can quickly replenish your stock on an as needed basis with our new small quantity in-house duplication services.

Literature Fulfillment Services: How many times have you requested information at a trade show and not received anything because the sales staff was too tired or simply too busy to get it out to you in a timely fashion? Don't lose the momentum with those important sales leads you worked so hard to make.

Trade show follow-up doesn't need to be a chore! We can do the follow-up on trade show leads for you. Have your personalized follow-up letter and material on your prospects' desk almost before they get back to the office with our special literature fulfillment services. We also can also arrange to store and ship your trade show materials to your show sites ahead of you or can drop ship your orders taken at the show.

Rebate Processing: Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics can help with your coupon and rebate processing needs. We will get the refund checks to your customers quickly. We can develop reports and controls to insure the validity of the requests received so that you do not pay out money for ineligible requests. Use our staff and technology assets to make your businesses rebate processing more profitable for your business.

Bar Coding For Tags & Labels: When you need bar codes created for package bags, merchandise tags, or price tags, we have the computerized software to create the tags for you and can send them to the factory or resource who will be applying them. If you need us to bag your merchandise and apply the bar coded tag or label, we can provide that service as well.

Visit our website to find out about all the unique services that we provide from our complete services list and supplemental services list.


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